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Rosco Releases 12 New Flavors in Their E-Colour Gel Line

December 20, 2009 - Hollister, Missouri

Rosco has added 12 gorgeous new colors to its range of e-color filters.


The filters are additions to Rosco's E-Colour range. This range, widely used around the world for film, video and theatre, is our version of the traditional European system. Rosco has been manufacturing E-Colour since 1992, using the same colors, names and numbers as the original Cinemoid® system.

E-Colour Gel Filters
But Rosco has added some unique colors and diffusions, including this latest release of 12 new colors. They are different from any of the colors in the Roscolux or Cinegel series and may very well be exactly what you need for your next production.

You can get an idea of the colors and their intended purpose from the graphics shown below:

E5084 - Damson Violet E5084 - Damson Violet

A deep, rosy violet for saturated washes and modeling effects. A chameleon-like color varying from warm to cool depending on the color temperature of the source.
E5085 - French Lilac E5085 - French Lilac

An intense, warm lilac for romantic and non realistic accents. Enhances dimensionality when used as a sidelight.
E5211 - Ice Blue E5211 - Ice Blue

A subtle theatrical color corrector. Perfect to pull the red edge off of a tungsten source.
E5264 - Venetian Blue E5264 - Venetian Blue

A pale steel blue useful in cool washes. Create subtle shadows or hazy blue skies.
E5287 - Fuji Blue E5287 - Fuji Blue

A neutral medium blue, can be warm or cool when paired with contrasting colors. A nice intermediate hue for transitions from magic hour into evening.
E5336 - Aztec Gold E5336 - Aztec Gold

A burnt amber with a touch of sepia and a honey-like quality. Very versatile, from soft sunlight effects to richly dingy interiors.
E5404 - Wisteria E5404 - Wisteria

Soft, pale lavender. Excellent area wash. Good as an intermediary between amber and blue.
E5454 - Olympia Green E5454 - Olympia Green

A strong Green-Blue. Use as an interesting component in animated water effects or to create a mysterious, spooky atmosphere.
E5455 - Tarragon E5455 - Tarragon

A true pale green neither too blue nor yellow. Useful for forest and garden color washes or foliage shadows in gobos.
E5461 - Grotto Green E5461 - Grotto Green

An exotic turquoise green. A great modelling color - back, side or top light in musical performances or dance.
E5463 - Prussian Green E5463 - Prussian Green

A rich blue-green useful for accents and effect lighting in pantomimes and melodramas. Wonderful contrast to strong golden ambers.
E5202 - Max Blue E5202 - Max Blue

A half blue useful for cooling incandescent towards daylight. Clean with no red.

Blue Planet Lighting has all 12 of these new colors in stock and they are available immediately for purchase by calling 417-332-1313 to place your order. 

Additionally, the entire E-Colour line is being added to Blue Planet's Online Store.

Lastly, you can click on the button below to see the entire range of Rosco E-Colour Gel:

Rosco E-Colour Gel

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