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5000 Pounds of ETC Fixtures Headed To Northview Christian Life Church

November 28, 2009 - Carmel, Indiana

Northview Christian Life Church

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.


Hundreds of ETC Source Four Pars and Ellipsoidals have been shipped and are on their way to Northview Christian Life Church in Carmel, Indiana.

At an estimated cost of $14.7 million, the new building project will include:

  • A new 34,000 square foot, 2,000 seat auditorium
  • A renovation and redesign of the current auditorium that will include a welcome center, additional Capstone seating and entrance, wraparound staircase to balcony seating, the main entrance to the new auditorium, small gathering areas for fellowship, dining areas for large events and additional restrooms
  • Existing space retro-fitted for Children’s Ministry expansion
  • 200 additional parking spaces on the east side of the building

Blue Planet Lighting is contracted to provide the remainder of the lighting rig which will begin shipping in the coming weeks. Additionally, Blue Planet techs will be on-site at the new venue to provide installation and programming support.

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