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LDI 2009 Tradeshow Wrap-Up and Pictures

November 23, 2009 - Orlando, Florida

LDI 2009 recently wrapped up in Orlando and Blue Planet was there to check out the latest in new lighting technology.  As expected, the tradeshow floor was flooded with LED fixtures and lamps for the replacement of conventional par cans, ellipsoidals, cycs, fiber curtains, fresnels and moving lights.

LDI 2009 - Blue Planet Lighting  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

LDI 2009 - Elation Professional  LDI 2009 - Ushio America

The LDI 2009 Tradeshow Booth Award Winners this year are:

Large Booth - Elation Professional

Small Booth - Dazian

Creative Use of Light - Daktronics

LDI 2009 - Sea Changer  LDI 2009 - Rosco

LDI 2009 - Clay Paky    LDI 2009 - Total Structures

The 2009 ESTA Members' Choice Product Awards were won by the following:

Expendable Category - Rose Brand for: Robo Glue

Widget Category - Sapsis Rigging for: Pro Plus Crossover Full Body Fall Arrest Harness

Expendable Category - Light Converse for: 3D Virtual Show Platform

LDI 2009 - Daktronics  LDI 2009 - Avolites

LDI 2009 - Coemar  LDI 2009 - Brad White with PixelRange

Behind the Scenes 2009 LDI Raffle Prize Winners:

Grand Prize: $7,500 Dream Vacation - Mark McKinney of Lex Products

Second Prize: $1,500 Amazon Gift Card -David Milly, of Theatrical Lighting Systems

Third Prize: $1,000 Amazon Gift Card - John Gebbie of Barbizon Electric

LDI 2009 - PixelRange  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

LDI 2009 - ETC Prodigy  LDI 2009 - Elation Professional

ETC announced its entry into a new product market: rigging, with a new line of motorized hoists and hoist-control systems for theatrical and architectural use.

LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor  LDI 2009 - Ultratec FX

Philips owned Color Kinetics introduced two LED floodlights geared for touring, the ColorReach Powercore and iW Reach TR Powercore. They are based on the company’s ColorReach Powercore floodlights, and the new gear is positioned to replace multiple flood and wash fixtures for large applications involving long throw distances.

LDI 2009 - Joe Adams and Kelly Koster  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

LDI 2009 - Elation Professional  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

Chauvet introduced 17 new products, including an expanded Legend series — the Legend 1200E Spot and Wash, the Legend 700E Beam and Spot, and the Legend 300E Beam and Spot — plus the new COLORado Tour Series, the Q-Spot 260-LED, the Intimidator Spot XYZ, the SparkliteLED drape, the SkyScan 4000 CMY and the Followspot 1200.

LDI 2009 - Clay Paky  LDI 2009 - PLSN and FOH

LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

Lastly, Philips’ unveiled their new MSD Platinum 5 R lamp.  It is a new stage lamp designed to fit compact fixtures, creating brighter output with a very short arc.  The lamp was showcased in multiple Elation and American DJ products during the show.

LDI 2009 - Chauvet Lighting  LDI 2009 - Tradeshow Floor

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