Blue Planet Lighting Tours Vari*Lite Facility

September 14, 2009 - Dallas, Texas

Vari*Lite Facility in Dallas, Texas

In September, Blue Planet Lighting Co-Founders Kelly Koster and Mike Gormley took an extensive tour of the Vari*Lite Factory in Dallas, Texas.  VL Sales Team Member, Jaime Friedstadt took Koster and Gormley on a guided look into the manufacturing process and the steps taken in order to get ideas to market. 

Much emphasis was focused on the building and testing areas for the VLX Wash Fixture which is taking the industry by storm due to its amazing new use of technologies.

Koster and Gormley were introduced and reacquainted with dozens of Vari*Lite Employees including Anita Edwards, Dean Dove, Michelle Garza, and service department wiz Patrick Hill.

Since the beginning, Vari-Lite has led the world in automated lighting technology; developing pioneering products with an unrivaled reputation. Today, lighting professionals in theatre, television, concerts, motion pictures, corporate shows and advertising, look to Vari-Lite for inspiration and support for their productions.

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