No Payments Until 2010 for Blue Planet Customers

October 1, 2009 - Hollister, Missouri

Direct CapitalBlue Planet Lighting, Inc. - Hollister, Missouri

Blue Planet has received word from Direct Capital that they are offering “No Payments Until 2010” through the end of the year for all our clients.

This program enables you to finance your purchases from us today without making a single payment until next year! Here are a few of the benefits that Direct Capital customers love about this program:

  • Earn money on the equipment for the entire 4th quarter without making monthly payments
  • Lock in competitive rates before they rise again
  • Leverage tax advantages for capital equipment purchases before they expire on Dec. 31st
  • Preserve your cash for the remainder of the year


Call your Direct Capital Finance Manager at (603) 501-1022 for more info on this great program or visit THIS LINK to find out more.

All finance programs subject to final credit approval by Direct Capital.

No Payments Until 2010 for Blue Planet Customers

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