September 2009 Sales and Rental Specials

September 1, 2009 - Hollister, Missouri

LeMaitre Neutron XS Straight Tubes
Look Solutions Regular Fog Fluid - 5L
LeMaitre Neutron XSLeMaitre
Look Solutions Regular Fog FluidLook Solutions
Only $68.75ea!
Only $35.00 ea!


Used Altman 10" X 5° 1KW Ellipsoidal
F-100 Atmospheres HQ Fluid - 5 Gallon Case
Used Altman 10" X 5° 1KW EllipsoidalAltman
F-100 Atmospheres HQ FluidHigh End Systems - Barco
Only $250.00 ea! (12 Available)
Only $150.00 ea!


Rental Special - Hog iPC Console
Rental Special - Coemar iSpot 575
Rental Special - Hog iPC ConsoleHigh End Systems - Barco
Rental Special - Coemar iSpot 575Coemar
Only $150.00 Per Week!
Only $150.00 Per Week!

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