Fogger Helps Train Forsyth School Bus Drivers

August 7, 2009 - Hollister, MO

(Article Courtesy of Hometown Daily News - News release from Forsyth Fire Department)

A theatrical fogger recently donated to Forsyth Fire Department by Blue Planet Professional Stage Lighting of Hollister was put to good use on Friday to train Forsyth Schools’ bus drivers. The fogger simulated much more realistic conditions during their regularly scheduled fire extinguisher and bus evacuation drills. The non-toxic theatrical fog severely restricts your ability to see your surroundings, highlighting the challenges in finding emergency exits and evacuating children off of the bus. In talking to several of the drivers, they said the simulation was eye-opening and very helpful in preparing them for an actual evacuation in the unlikely event it is necessary. About 50 Forsyth Schools’ bus drivers took part in the fire extinguisher and bus evacuation drills.
School Bus Driver Training
School Bus Driver Training
Drivers and firefighters practice using fire extinguishers.
The theatrical smoke simulates real conditions. A child can barely been seen exiting the bus through the fog.
School Bus Driver Training
The heavy fog made it difficult to see others in the bus and to locate emergency exits.
(Photos courtesy of Forsyth Fire Department)

Forsyth Fire Department appreciates Blue Planet’s generosity in helping keep citizens and children of Forsyth and surrounding areas safe. The department will continue to use the fogger to add realism to its fire prevention and fire safety education programs as well as in firefighter training.

For more information, please contact Ron Potter, PIO, at 417-546-1922 or Chief Nathan Bower at 417-546-3074.

Additional Comments:

On Friday, August 7, the Forsyth Fire Department actually helped train bus drivers from 6 school districts in the area. Drivers are required to receive 8 hours of training annually. Because we are a small district,we ask other districts to join us. We can then offer a better quality of training because of the larger audience. I want to thank Nathan Bower and his team, along with all the other guests, for putting together an informative and educational day.

Tim Pierce, Forsyth School

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