Product Spotlight - The Selador™ Series by ETC

August 1, 2009 - Hollister, MO

The Selador Series by ETC
ETC Selador Series LED FixturesETC Selador Series LED Fixtures

Introducing a whole new way of thinking about LED luminaires - the Selador™ Series by ETC. Go beyond effects lighting and give your theater effective LED luminaires that can be trusted in every application - from key, fill and side light to color washes and cyc lighting. Selador Series fixtures perform to your standards for warm and cool white light, soft tints, rich pastels, and intense primary colors, all without sacrificing the energy efficiency and long life you expect from LEDs.

Every Selador luminaire is versatile enough to provide a broad range of color and white light, but each is optimized for a specific lighting task. The Selador Series is carefully designed to give you the right fixture to solve the problems you encounter every day - with fewer compromises.

Lustr LED Fixtures
Finally -- bright pure white from
an LED fixture, plus cool hues and warm colors for natural skin tones.
Paletta LED Fixtures
Lush, soft washes of pastel color evoking the likes of Lee 111 or Apollo 3600, blending seamlessly with tungsten gel-colored fixtures.
Vivid LED Fixtures
The strong saturated colors you love, like Rosco 23 or Gam 850, recreated in a fierce high intensity LED beam.

x7 Color System: More color in, better light out

The Selador Series is built on the x7 Color System, which carefully proportions an unprecedented array of seven LED colors onto a single luminaire. It's a patented technology based on a simple premise of additive color mixing: more color in means better light out.

Compared to conventional LED fixtures, which use just three or four colors, the Selador Series luminaires can produce a far more complete spectrum of both color and white light. And, with integrated color matching and HSI (hue, saturation and intensity) control for Selador products already built into the latest software releases for the Eos® and Congo® console lines, ETC has made the control of LED fixtures more direct and user friendly than ever.

A breakthrough in white light

Leave it to the company that brought you the Source Four to introduce an LED system capable of producing a full range of bright and pure white light. The Selador Series are the first LED luminaires designed for key, fill and side lighting applications. Using the x7 Color System, they beautifully render skin tones all on their own - and in harmony with your existing Source Fours. Find out more about Lustr, the white light specialist.

Go green and get every color you need

The Selador Series delivers on the energy-saving promise of LED lighting - incredibly low power consumption and the permanence of a 50,000-hour source - but without the color constraints of conventional LED fixtures. Only the Selador Series has the balanced color spectrum to deliver on your creative vision, whether you're working with white light, soft blended color washes, or powerfully vivid, high intensity color.

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