LeMaitre / Ultratec Update and Clarification

June 24, 2009 - Hollister, MO

In late May and early June, LeMaitre FX made several announcements including a name change, (Ultratec FX), and company split from their UK counterpart, Lemaitre LTD.  Soon after followed a similar announcement from LeMaitre LTD... 

What has resulted is some confusion in the industry. To give you an idea on the confusion: You could once get all LeMaitre branded products from the same source... Now, if you are looking for a Neutron Hazer, that would be LeMaitre...  a Radiance Hazer, that would be Ultratec.  How about a Peasouper..? That is LeMaitre. ProStage Pyro... Ultratec.  PyroFlash... LeMaitre. 

For more detailed information on Ultratec's name change, CLICK HERE.

For more detailed information on LeMaitre's Products, CLICK HERE.

Still Confused...?

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