Blue Planet Lighting Completes $90,000 Training Equipment Donation To Missouri Fire Departments

June 28, 2009 - Hollister, MO

Blue Planet Lighting annouced in May that they would be offering Fire Departments in Missouri an opportunity to own a LeMaitre Stage Fogger DMX machine at no charge.  The program was developed to help provide fire departments with limited budgets the ability to still conduct fire training exercises. Since then, Blue Planet has tagged all of the gear which completes the nearly $100K donation in training equipment for Missouri Fire Departments.
Firefighters        LeMaitre Stage Fogger DMX
A flood of emails and calls have rolled in from Fire Chiefs across the state requesting to get on the list. Here are a few comments received by Blue Planet from area Fire Departments:
"This is a fantastic offer since actual live fire training is getting harder to do and simulations are how we train mostly"
Mike Novak, Training Chief - Branson Fire & Rescue
"This is a great opportunity that you are providing the fire service and we would like to thank you for starting a program of this nature. In hard economic times, this type of donation will help our Training Division greatly."
Joe Stapp, Training Officer - Overland Park Training Center
"I want to thank you very much for such a super offer. You have no idea how much this can help Fire Departments around the state with training of Fire Fighters. Thank you again so VERY MUCH for helping train the Fire Fighters of this State!"
Charlie Neubert, Board Member - Fire Fighters Assoc. of MO
"I must say, I'm shocked and amazed that a company would do this kind of thing for Missouri's fire service. The impact of artificial smoke during training is extremely beneficial to firefighters! I can't say enough what a good thing this is for your company to be doing."
Mike Redshaw, Chief - Purdy Fire Protection District

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