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New Gear Alert - ETC Source Four Dimmer

November 1, 2012 - Middleton, Wisconsin

Want the benefits of distributed dimming in your venue? ETC offers two dimmer models that provide convenient – yet powerful – per-fixture distributed dimming:

ETC Source Four Dimmer

Source Four Dimmer™:
The Source Four Dimmer attaches to any Source Four® unit for onboard dimming. You can order any Source Four fixture with a Source Four Dimmer lamp cap already attached, or retrofit existing fixtures by ordering the lamp kit.

The ES750 dimmer model offers all of the features of the Source Four Dimmer, but it comes with a plug, allowing it to attach to any fixture up to 750W. You can use it as a remote dimmer for any application. It comes equipped with a power input and output to a connector of your choice.

ETC Source Four Dimmer

Silence is golden:
ETC designed the Source Four Dimmer and ES750 dimmer using ES (Electronic Silent) technology for noise-free operation, making them the right choice for concert halls, opera houses, theaters and other venues that demand a silent environment. The dimmers work without fans and produce no filament buzz, for noise levels of 0dBA at one meter, so you can connect Source Four Dimmers to all of the Source Fours you have on your rig and still hear a pin drop.

ETC Source Four Dimmer

Logical power-system design for hybrid rigs:
As venues move toward a hybrid lighting approach – combining conventional fixtures, LED luminaires and other emerging technologies into a light plot – you’re faced with new challenges for power system designs. Now you can send simple switched power to your lighting positions to run all of your LEDs and tungsten loads at the same time. Use your existing distributed data network to control Source Four Dimmers, LEDs and moving lights. This new power-distribution system cuts down on cabling and makes your venue more flexible with an infrastructure that can adapt to new requirements and layouts.

ETC Source Four Dimmer

Professional-level Dimming:
Most distributed dimmers on the market fall short when it comes to functionality and durability. The Source Four Dimmer and ES750 dimmer, however, draw on ETC’s award-winning power-control expertise, and give you professional-quality dimming with the same level of security that you get from an ETC Sensor® system… but in a distributed model. Mounted directly to the fixture, the Source Four Dimmer and ES750 model have onboard controls for local operation and RDM for remote setup – you can even configure your rig from your desk! They also allow you to find and set DMX addresses, change curves and receive status information. Strong and rugged, the Source Four Dimmer is designed to last, braving the rigors of everyday lighting over time.

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