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Industry News: Capio End of Life Notice

October 2, 2012 - Rosemont, Illinois

Capio End of Life Notice

Capio End of Life Notice

Please be advised that effective September 30, 2012, Philips will no longer accept orders for the E.T. Capio/Capio+ family of theatrical dimming products. This includes all racks, electronics, dimming modules, and accessories.

Philips stands behind and will honor all warranty service terms in place for Capio systems sold,
however customers wishing to purchase additional parts above and beyond warranty replacement
or repair following September 30, 2012, will be limited to stock on hand, which when depleted will
not be replenished.

The Capio family was a tremendous success during its lengthy run as a highly versatile IBGT
controlled dimming system. Numerous parts shortages have made this decision a necessity. In
addition, Philips stands committed to the Strand product line as its premiere entertainment lighting
control product and Dynalite as its flagship commercial controls offering. Discontinuation of the
aging Capio line allows Philips to focus on its core product offerings now and into the future.

Customers looking to order replacement modules, upgrade, or expand their Capio systems are
urged to place orders prior to September 30th, 2012 or contact the Philips representative for
information on requoting their dimming rack needs to a Strand C21 series rack through the Philips
Entertainment Group.

This discontinuation notice does not affect other E.T. products offered by
Philips Controls including Intelligent Raceway, BakPak, Dimmer Strips, and LyteMode DMX.

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