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New DMX Gear Released From Enttec

September 16, 2012 - Knoxfield, Australia

Enttec Entertainment Technology

Enttec Entertainment Technology has released some new gear that will be shown at LDI in Las Vegas.  This includes the E-Streamer Mk2 and Datagate Mk2:

New DMX Gear Released From Enttec

E-Streamer Mk2, a show recorder capable of recording multiple universes of DMX or ArtNet per show, expandable to 64 universes. This versatile device will playback multiple concurrent shows. The powerful scheduler allows complex playback arrangements. HTML-based user interfacing makes the E-Streamer Mk2 easy to configure and operate remotely.

At LDI, Enttec will also be demonstrating the new features added to the popular Datagate Mk2. Now the Ethernet-DMX node works with more protocols and mobile devices.

Three new features make the Datagate Mk2 version 1.2 more interactive, scalable, and adjustable. ENTTEC’s popular Ethernet-DMX networking tool now supports the Streaming ACN protocol (sACN), opening it up to use by more customers. The addition of the OSC protocol allows it to work easily with mobile devices. And its new Compressor module allows the user to proportionately reduce levels on all 512 channels like a throttle.

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