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GLP Impression Spot One Wins Big At WFX

September 20, 2012 - Atlanta, Georgia

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GLP's Impression Spot One represents a breakthrough in providing the world's first high-powered RGB LED automated spot fixture. Light output is equivalent to a 700W discharge lamp and therefore truly useable in a wide range of throw distances, whilst in deeper saturated colors it rivals 1200W discharge fixtures.

Its output beam is extremely flat resulting in even light distribution, even gobo projection quality and clean, sharp colors - including white.

To ensure its suitability to the market, it contains a full feature set including 14 rotating and indexing gobos, iris, prism, focus, 10- to 32-degree zoom, effects animation, pan and tilt, full range dimming and an electronic shutter.

The Spot One features a completely flicker free light engine which ensures that any broadcast images will not suffer at anytime—and in mind of keeping a congregation comfortable, the Spot One runs almost silently to ensure that it is not a distraction to the service.

The Spot One offers a number advantages to the worship market; firstly with lower maintenance. With less heat from its LED engine than conventional fixtures, the Spot One runs far cooler and puts less stress on internal components. It has a sealed optical section with no through ventilation ensuring that it does not get contaminated by haze, dust or any other substance which would require cleaning and impair the optical performance. With a 5 year warranty on the LED, changing lamps are a thing of the past.

Secondly, with greater cost control. Gone are expensive lamp replacements, damaged reflectors, broken dichroic glass, failed starters and with less heat internally, there is less stress on every component resulting in a far longer time between services. Furthermore, it has a peak power draw of just 500W requiring less power circuits and giving a smaller electrical bill, and with less heat there's less stress on HVAC systems reducing their load also. With the retail price being the same as a conventional 700W discharge fixture, this only gives a positive result to your operating budget.

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