White River Comedy Club Chooses Blue Planet Audio

June 1, 2009 - Hollister, Missouri

The White River Comedy Club approached Ed Sandor for a complete audio and video package for their newest attraction at The Branson Landing.

The system integrates audio and video for a state of the art and compact system for comedy performances with ease of operation. The system was designed to have a small foot print without sight lines to stage or video being obstructed, yet be powerful enough to deliver high impact voice and music playback.


The new JBL AC Compact Series speakers were used in the installation enhanced with floor sub speakers. President of Blue Planet Audio Ed Sandor said, "The coverage and power of the new AC Series is astonishing and easily met the club's criteria."

Amplification is via Crown hosting HIQnet as well as all stage and local inputs & outputs are managed by a Soundcraft 16 Channel Console with built-in effects.  A rugged Sennheiser G2 Series Wireless System with custom capsules were used as well as an assortment of Sennheiser Evolution hard-wired microphones.  Additionally, a Denon CD Player/Recorder, DBX Dynamics and a custom interface panel rounds out the audio system at FOH.  Video sources are managed via a Kramer switcher integrating a Merantz DVD Player, Satellite TV and a Custom PC interface panel to feed the BENQ Projection.  A remote operated 150" 16:9 electric widescreen deploys at the operators discretion to view video sources.  All audio from video sources are ran to dedicated inputs at the audio console to give operators the flexibility of video audio fold back to stage as well as independent EQ per source.  The complete system is wired to sequenced power management.

The comedy club has recently opened to rave reviews and the owner of the club, Shane Smith sent this to Blue Planet:

To Blue Planet:

"As the owner/operator of White River Comedy Club in Branson, Missouri, I
would personally reccomend Blue Planet to handle any theater project coming
to the Tri-Lakes region.  The prompt and professional manner in which my
club was completed gave me a true sense of Blue Planet's experience and

There's nothing more satisfying to a show producer than
professionalism from your vendors and contractors.....Blue Planet truly
"fits the bill".  I personally invite anyone to come see our showroom,
listen to our awesome sound system, and leave completely satisfied of the
quality delivered by the men and women at Blue Planet!  I give special
"props" to Ed Sandor for seeing this project through to completion!  You
Rock, Ed!"

Shane Smith, President
White River Comedy Club


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