Look Solutions Releases New Viper-S

June 1, 2009 - Branson, Missouri

Look Solutions' New Viper-S
The Viper S is the latest addition to Look Solutions’ line of fog machines, complementing the Viper NT and the Viper 2.6.  The Viper S has all the features of the Viper NT, but with 50 percent of the size and wattage and 60 percent of the weight.  DMX, analog and stand-alone controls are standard, along with a programmable digital timer. 

It also includes a Profile Timer, which allows you to fog for a specified amount of time and then automatically stop.

If the machine runs out of fluid a sensor that will shut down the pump. MSRP is $1,040.

Look Solutions USA

For more information on the Viper-S by Look Solutions, contact Blue Planet Lighting at 417-332-1313.


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