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New LED Product: The Selecon PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light

May 2, 2012 - Dallas, Texas

Selecon has announced the release of their new PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light.

This dynamic low wattage performer easily replaces the performance characteristics of a four-cell 500w cyc unit with total power consumption of 120W allowing you to daisy chain as many as 16 of these units on a single 20 amp circuit, enough to light a 25’ tall by 40’ wide cyc on a single circuit!

Selecon PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light

Philips Selecon

Selecon PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light
Intuitive menu offering all configuration options with a few button presses.
The new Selecon PL-Cyc1 has PowerCon in and thru from one 10A non-dim circuit.
Selecon PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light
PL-Cyc1 Available at Blue Planet Lighting
Selecon PL-Cyc1 LED Cyc Light
Infinite colour choices from one RGBW LED engine delivering exceptional performance and life.
With the Selecon PL-Cyc1, you can rotate the yoke to use as a top cyclorama or a groundrow.

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