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Orleans Hotel & Casino Adds Vari-Lite Moving Lights

May 20, 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The Orleans Hotel and Casino
The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas recently purchased new Vari-Lite 2500 Spot Luminaires from Blue Planet to add to their showroom lighting rig.

Vari-Lite VL2500 Spot Luminaire


The VL2500 Spot Luminaire comes complete with all of the qualities and options designers love from the original Series 2000 fixtures. It is still small, lightweight, and fast with a 700-watt short arc lamp, impressive lumen output, and a zoom range from 18.5° to 42°.

For image projection, the fixture has one gobo wheel with five rotatable and indexable positions and a second gobo wheel with 11 fixed positions.

The VL2500 Spot Luminaire can be controlled from virtually any DMX512 console or DMX output device.

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