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Blue Planet Lighting Adds Production Intercom To Line Card

April 18, 2012 - Branson, Missouri

Blue Planet Lighting Adds Production Intercom

In April, Blue Planet Lighting added Production Intercom to their extensive vendor line card. In the past 15 years almost every new idea in ‘party-line’ coms started at Production Intercom.

Production Intercom Gear                Production Intercom Gear

Their company philosophy is to concentrate development efforts on practical solutions to real problems which their customers give them. As examples: Their AD913 adaptor provides an interface between ordinary walkie-talkies and the intercom system. Their Blazon products, comprise a bright strobe light with or without an audible annunciator which is connected to the system like a belt pack. It requires no outside power source, and is activated by any signal lamp button in the circuit. Their loudspeaker stations are equipped with a circuit which, when triggered from any remote station, overrides the front panel controls: the volume can be returned to a preset level, or muted stations turned back on.

Production Intercom Gear               Production Intercom Gear

Audio quality is also a major priority. Their wide bandwidth, natural sounding reproduction and low noise threshold reduce ‘ear fatigue’ (and the irritability which results!) Comfortable headsets with deep, soft muffs make 3 and 4 hour performances tolerable. With high sidetone rejection our loudspeaker stations can be used full-duplex and hands-free without feedback. Carefully chosen matching impedances eliminate volume change as stations are added or removed. Feeds to remote paging amplifiers are reproduced in high quality as are feeds into the intercom system from an audio mixer or run-of-the-show mic.

Production Intercom Gear               Production Intercom Gear

Add to this their value-for-money pricing and second-to-none customer service and dealer support and, well, the choice is yours.

Production Intercom... Where ‘Reliability, Affordability and Customer Service’ is more than just a catch phrase.

If you are looking for information or pricing on any Production Intercom product, contact Blue Planet Lighting at 417-332-1313 or email them at:

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