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Robert Juliat Releases New Spotlights

April 13, 2012 - Wallingford, Connecticut

Robert Juliat

Robert Juliat has recently announced the release of two new spotlights including the ZEP and TIBO.

Robert Juliat

The TIBO and ZEP are the result of a redesigned light source, designed and built entirely in-house, which gives an improved CRI and higher light output.

Robert Juliat Zep Followspot   Robert Juliat Tibo Followspot

ZEP is the same size and form factor as the 600SX range and offers a maximum output and a low power consumption. Its 150W LED source gives a light output equivalent to a 1000W tungsten profile. It will be available in two colour temperatures: Warm White 3200K and Cool White 6000K and offers three zoom ranges compatible with the current zoom ranges of the popular 600SX Series tungsten profiles: 28°-54°, 16°-35° and 11°-26°.

Intensity can be controlled either locally or via DMX and its flicker-free PSU is cooled silently by convection so eliminating noise contamination which is so important a consideration when working with cameras in television or film studios.

TIBO presents a truly-innovative design and offers a choice of multiple light sources. Its 75W LED source offers the same output as the 630 LED model but in a smaller, stylish unit. Its new optical device and die-cast aluminum body work have given rise to a design not possible with sheet metal and created a unit that is lighter and more compact than any others in the Robert Juliat range.

TIBO will be available in a choice of 3 colour temperatures: Warm White 3000K, Neutral White 4000K and Cool White (Daylight) 6500K to cover any application. It features an outstanding optical design that allows two different zoom ranges - from 15° to 45° - in one single unit.

Robert Juliat’s superb beam quality and crisp gobo projection is retained with the addition of a continuous 360° rotation on lens tube.
Aimed at museums, churches and small schools, TIBO is a compact and custom-manufactured profile offering bespoke-coloured body works, making it a highly attractive product in technical, aesthetic and budgetary terms.

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