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Legends In Concert Adds Road Hog Full Boar Lighting Console

March 28, 2012 - Branson, Missouri

Legends In Concert
Branson, Missouri's "Legends in Concert" Theatre recently purchased a brand new High End Systems Road Hog Full Boar Console from Blue Planet Lighting.

Designed from the ground up to provide superb lighting control with powerful programming procedures, the Road Hog Full Boar expands your possibilities with an unprecedented amount of power and options. Equipped with Flying Pig Systems renowned Wholehog software, you are able to create, manage, edit and playback lighting to enhance any production environment.

Road Hog Full Boar Lighting Console

Road Hog Full Boar Lighting Console

The Road Hog Full Boar increases your abilities to the full extent with a sophisticated and expandable system. Go Full Boar with unlimited DMX output, integrated Art-Net output, MIDI, SMPTE, dual external monitors or touchscreens, DVDRW and more. Using legendary Wholehog console hardware and the proven combination of Windows XP Embedded with the Wholehog operating system means outstanding durability and productivity.

Road Hog Full Boar is the premier choice for achieving cutting-edge lighting with unlimited power and flexibility.

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