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ETC Source Four LED Now Available - Shipping Late April

March 19, 2012 - Middleton, Wisconsin

Blue Planet Lighting is now taking orders for the long awaited ETC Source Four LED Ellipsoidal.  Fixtures are scheduled to begin shipping in late April.

ETC Source Four LED Now Available

The Source Four LED produces a sharp, clean beam of focusable light or a smooth wash, to give extra versatility to almost all lighting projects. The luminaire is available in three versions: Lustr®+, Daylight™, and Tungsten™.

ETC Source Four LED Lustr+       ETC Source Four LED Tungsten       ETC Source Four LED Daylight

Just like ETC’s Desire Lustr+ luminaire, the Source Four LED Lustr+ offers a complete palette of colors, thanks to the Selador x7 Color System™.

Source Four LED Tungsten and Daylight produce maximum brightness at the respective warm (3000K) and cool white (5600K) color temperatures.

Each offers the same projection-quality beam.

Source Four LED: Five Things You Should Know

ETC Source Four LED Now Available

  • Looks and focuses like a Source Four
    • Can use all of ETC’s Source Four lens tubes
    • All Source Four accessories work
    • Sharp or soft patterns
    • Right size to fit into existing rigs

  • Quality of light (x7 Color System)
    • Bold LED colors as well as subtle theatrical tints (other LED manufactures struggle here)

  • Outstanding power efficiency: 30 to 40 Lumens per Watt depending on the model
    • Often other LED manufacturers are not as efficient as a 750W incandescent Source Four!
    • Always look for Lumens Per Watt (The amount of light for the energy used)

  • New layer of light, not a replacement
    • Tungsten remains essential for good lighting design
    • Pick the source that is best for your needs
    • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

  • Uses what we’ve learned from developing the Desire line of fixtures
    • Advanced software
    • Can configure the fixture to best fit the individual user’s needs
    • Can pass fixture’s configuration to other Source Four LEDs saving time and money.


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