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ETC Introduces DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

February 17, 2012 - Middleton, Wisconsin

ETC is adding a new product to their emergency-lighting lineup – the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller. It fills a critical need for today’s lighting that no other manufacturer has addressed: life-safety issues with DMX-controlled LED houselights.

The use of LED fixtures in entertainment-lighting venues has extended from the stage into the house. DMX-controlled LED houselights are becoming increasingly popular, yet no other manufacturer provides sufficient safeguards for emergency lighting situations with those fixtures. ETC’s compact DMX Emergency Bypass Controller changes all of that, making safety a priority for DMX-based lighting in venues like theaters, opera houses, concert halls and houses of worship.

ETC DMX Emergency Bypass Controller

When triggered by an external signal, the DMX Emergency Bypass Controller allows DMX512-controlled lights to operate as normal or emergency fixtures, by taking control of a single universe of DMX512. The controller is UL924 Listed as a bypass device and can work with other emergency-lighting products, like ETC’s Emergency Bypass Detection Kit (EBDK). Both are important parts of an emergency lighting plan that must include a complete UL1008 emergency power transfer system. That system – such as an ETC Emergency Lighting Transfer System (ELTS2) – is responsible for actually switching from normal to emergency power when there’s a loss of utility power or other life-safety condition. The DMX Emergency Bypass Controller can also operate as part of a closed-loop fire-alarm system.

When activated by an EBDK or other power-sensing device, a dry-contact closure or +12VDC input forces the DMX data link to designated fixtures into a bypass state. That state can be defined as ‘All DMX channels to full’ or a designated ‘panic look’ of each DMX channel to a selected level.

The controller does not require commissioning, but if needed, there are settings for DMX snapshot, contact input settings and panic-look release.

Product Features:

  • UL924 Listed for use in emergency lighting systems
  • Compatible with PLASA DMX512 protocol
  • Compatible with 100-277VAC/50-60Hz emergency power (hot, neutral and ground)
  • Configurable DMX-snapshot for custom ‘panic look’
  • Panic input can accommodate a maintained normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) dry-contact or +12VDC signal

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