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New Year Rosco Paint and Scenic Sale at Blue Planet

January 1, 2012 - Hollister, Missouri

Blue Planet Lighting is offering extended savings on Rosco Paint and Scenic products for the month of January.

Rosco Scenic Paints

Deep discounts are being offered for the month of January on all Rosco Scenic Paints.  Call Blue Planet Lighting anytime during the month of January for a quick quote with special discounts applied.  Simply mention the Blue Planet Rosco Paint Promo when requesting a quote to take advantage of these great savings.

Rosco Scenic Coatings

All Rosco Scenic Coating products are on sale during the month of January at Blue Planet Lighting.  Be sure to check out the wide variety of Rosco scenic coatings to help put the finishing touches on any of your upcoming scenic projects.

Rosco Scenic Hardware

All Rosco Stage Hardware is also on sale this month including clamps, bracing hardware, wagon brakes and much more.  Call Blue Planet anytime during the month of January for a quote on any Rosco Stage Hardware Product.

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