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New Flame Products From Ultratec SPFX

November 28, 2011 - London, Ontario, Canada

New Flame Products From Ultratec SPFX

Now Available from Ultratec Special Effects - The Stage Flame and Flamaniac:

The Stage Flame uses a simple small 8oz Propane Canister that is integrated internally, making it a self-contained all in one Flame unit. This configuration offers about 80 – 1 second Flame Shots which is very impressive considering the Tank Size and the Footprint that the unit occupies.

Ultratec Special Effects Stage Flame

The Stage Flame can also use an External Propane Tank and is equipped with 2 internal settings for multiple effect height selection. Using the External Tank provides the ability to deliver longer cues and increased usage. DMX Controlled, Electronic Ignition, Tip Over Protection are built into this dependable Flame Effect.

The Flamaniac is a very Innovative new flame product that offers some interesting effect possibilities not previously offered. It has 5 independently controlled flame points offering a nice range of angles for chasing and designing some creative looks. The flame shoots to 18ft high, it is possible to shoot shorter flames looking more like flame balls by triggering quick simple shots.

Ultratec Special Effects Flamaniac

The Flamaniac comes DMX Control ready, Tip Over Protection, multiple colored effect options, and a small footprint. The Wireless Remote Interface is used to set the DMX Address, Perform Maintenance Routines, Activate or Deactivate Safety Lock Outs, along with a host of other Options.


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