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New Product: L&E LED Worklite-Houselight

October 18, 2011 - Wappingers Falls, New York

The next generation of work lights! Imagine 50,000 hours (5.5 years) of continuous operation without replacing lamps and with reduced heat and energy costs. The Worklite™ is now available as 150 watt solid state luminaire.

LED Worklite-Houselight
The fixture, while exhibiting a new design style, still maintains a small profile allowing it to be mounted to battens, thereby throwing all of the light on to the work area. These units can be equipped with multi-mounting options for a variety of applications and can be operated in any position.

The LED Worklites are both practical, economical and efficient to operate. The light produced is brighter than a 150w CDM lamp and a 575w quartz lamp. Every fixture can be configured to dim on conventional architectural systems. With a special adaptation of components, theatrical DMX 512 dimming can be accommodated.

WKLT-LED Units are equipped with C clamp and three wire leads with bare ends.

WKLT-LED-DMX Units are equipped with DMX 5-pin receptacle in and out, C clamp and three wire leads with bare ends.


150 Watt LED

List Price: $ 1,495.00


150 Watt LED W/DMX 512

List Price: $ 1,795.00

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