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LDI 2011 News and Show Pictures from Orlando

November 1, 2011 - Orlando, Florida

LDI 2011

LDI 2011 recently wrapped up in Orlando and Blue Planet was on hand to examine all the newly released lighting products.

LDI 2011

- Here are some pictures from the 2011 LDI Tradeshow Floor -

LDI 2011 - Chauvet Lighting Booth   LDI 2011 - Chauvet Lighting Booth

The Elation and Chauvet and Martin booths were three of the biggest in the show with Chauvet bringing home the award for the best large booth.

LDI 2011 - Elation Lighting Booth   LDI 2011 - Martin Booth

An interesting product on hand was the Parasol Kinetic Light Ring (shown below) which revolves up to 72" per second... Stopping, starting, reversing and accelerating are all controllable features, providing entirely new ways of creating art and spectacle with moving lights.  For more information on the Parasol Kinetic Light Ring, contact Blue Planet Lighting.

LDI 2011 - Parasol Kinetic Light Ring   LDI 2011 - Parasol Kinetic Light Ring

LDI 2011 - Rosco Booth   LDI 2011 - Chamsys MagicQ MQ60

News of interest is Doug Fleenor's Gag Product for LDI 2011: The DMX Chainsaw. (shown below) It's a must-have for your next event!  Fleenor also introduced the LED600, a 600 Watt power supply for LED fixtures. The newest product in their power supply line features twelve outputs, and a low speed fan for cooling.

LDI 2011 - Doug Fleenor Booth   The DMX Chainsaw from Doug Fleenor

LDI 2011 - American DJ Booth        LDI 2011 - Ultratec FX Booth        LDI 2011 - Christe Booth

Another new piece of gear on site was the long awaited ETC LED Ellipsoidal prototypes. There were three versions on hand to check out including a color mixing unit.  While they are not currently available for purchase, they are drawing a lot of industry attention.  In addition to the ETC LED Ellipsoidal, multiple other vendors showed off their LED Lekos including Coemar and Lightronics.

LDI 2011 - Clay Paky Booth        LDI 2011 - Light Converse Booth        LDI 2011 - Chauvet Booth

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