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Pyrotechnics Product Spotlight: The TW Gerb Spinner

September 12, 2011 - London, Ontario

Ultratec Special FX

This months feature product is the TW Gerb Spinner from Ultratec Special FX.

This simple yet effective device takes your conventional ½ Sec Gerbs and turns them into a Controllable Dynamic Spinning Effect. The attached video shows various possibilities that can be achieved by these tried and true products by simply placing the Spinner on different angels.

The TW Gerb Spinner is available in 2 sizes, one for the ½ Sec & 1 Sec Gerbs (CPH1270 - TW Gerb Spinner 1/2 By & 1 Sec 5/8"dia)and a slightly larger one for the 1 x 35 Gerb (CPH1275 - TW Gerb Spinner 1 x 35 - 7/8"dia). The video also shows the various sizes of Gerbs that work with the TW Gerb Spinner. Review the video carefully to ensure you order the correct Gerbs to maximize the effect


One additional key component to the TW Gerb Spinner is the Hollow Shaft.  It is very important to run the match wire down the hollow shaft to avoid any interference with the spinning action. Allow a slight loop on the wire to allow the spinner to flow smoothly. This is clearly illustrated in the photo below:

TW Gerb Spinner - Hollow Shaft

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