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ETC Introduces GIO Lighting Control Console

September 6, 2011 - Middleton, Wisconsin

Positioned in the middle of ETC's popular Eos console range, between the Eos and the Ion® boards, Gio features the family’s powerful hardware and software for sophisticated effects – like pixel mapping and media server control – as well as the instantly recognizable ETC syntax.

Programmers familiar with other ETC consoles will immediately settle in with Gio, and novice users will quickly master the direct, intuitive operational style.

ETC Introduces GIO Lighting Control Console        ETC Introduces GIO Lighting Control Console       ETC Introduces GIO Lighting Control Console

Not just lightweight and portable, Gio introduces new technologies to the Eos lineup. The console’s buttons are back lit, making programming in dark situations much easier (and freeing up console Littlites® for script reading). Gio also includes two articulating 12.1” LCD multi-touch displays, allowing the screens to be positioned flat for shipping and angled for programming according to preference. The view is adjustable to programmers’ sightlines and comfort, whether they’re sitting or standing. Gio also supports up to three high-definition external displays – all of which can be multi-touch – speeding up programming by putting navigation and more control right at users’ fingertips.

Compact but not compromising on capability, Gio accommodates the broad and varied range of modern lighting demands. Fully networked with our ACN-based Net3™, Gio can act as a primary console, a synchronized backup, or a client integrated within an Eos or Ion system. Offline and client programming is available on PC (Windows® 7 or XP) and Macintosh® (OS X Intel). And twelve discrete online users with partitioned control means a lighting team can work faster, splitting the workload by accessing the same show file simultaneously.

Small but muscular, Gio offers 10,000 channels (devices); 2048, 4096, 6144, or 8192 outputs/parameters; a dedicated master-playback fader pair; ten definable motorized faders, with 30 pages of control; 999 cue lists; 200 active playbacks; 300 submasters; and four pageable force-feedback encoders. The Gio’s sophistication also includes Virtual Media Server Control with stock content (user images may be imported).

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