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ETC Announces Release of Congo v6.1 Software

June 3, 2011 - Middleton, Wisconsin


ETC announces the release of Congo® v6.1 software for the Congo family of control consoles.


This release offers a new color system, including a new color dock with a higher-resolution color picker, support of calibrated fixture templates (showing a color gamut line in the color picker to indicate possible color choices), improved display of color previews in the channel views, better rendition of colors selected from the gel picker, and support for multi-emitter color systems such as RGBW, RGBAW, and Selador® x7 color mixing. Initial support of the new Selador Desire™ luminaires is also included.

Improved masters settings now allow for intensity and non-intensity parameters to be individually controlled by the keys and/or fader and a new type of master – a “dual fader” master – that pairs two master playbacks to create manual crossfader pairs for sequences.

Significant work has been done “under the hood” to improve system performance and stability. It is highly recommended that users of Congo products update their systems as soon as production schedules allow. The software is available from the ‘Downloads’ section of the ETC website, as usual, and all products in a system should be updated at the same time – consoles, Light Servers, Offline and Client PCs.

Also of importance, with this release we are changing how ETC delivers the user manual for Congo products.

From now on, the user manual will be distributed on a CD-ROM in PDF format. This allows ETC to include all setup guides, user manuals and effects tutorials in multiple languages. If required or requested, printed user manuals in English may be ordered separately using part number 7310M1200-6.1.

Lastly, this release of software removes the requirement for a separate video card in Congo jr™ consoles.

ETC will be removing this card and its associated Y-Cable from newly manufactured Congo jr consoles very soon. New Congo jr consoles that do not include the video card will support up to two monitors, as always; however, only 2 x DVI or 1 x DVI + 1 x VGA may be connected (similar to the Congo Kid™ console now). Customers with existing Congo jr consoles that have the dual-DVI motherboards and who dislike the Y-Cable can discuss with technical support their options for having the video card removed. Customers should not attempt to remove this card themselves.

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