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ETC Releases The Congo Kid Lighting Console

April 12, 2011 - Hollister, Missouri


ETC announces the new Congo Kid console, designed to offer the same Congo software to smaller venues with conventionals, LEDs, moving lights and media servers. Congo Kid provides all the facepanel controls of a Congo jr console with 40 master faders in a single console enclosure.

ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console

Congo Kid supports up to two external displays that may also be touchscreens. In keeping with its smaller-venue target market, Congo Kid has the following differences in comparison to Congo and Congo jr:

  • Congo Kid may be purchased with either 256 or 512 control channels. A 256-channel upgrade code may be purchased later to take a 256-channel console up to the higher channel count. A 512-channel console may not be upgraded further.
  • Congo Kid has a maximum output count of 1,024, two universes of DMX. These universes may be distributed using the onboard 5-pin XLR connections, or by Ethernet using Net3/ACN/sACN, ETCNet2/EDMX, ArtNet or Avab protocols.
  • Congo Kid does not support the connection of external fader wings or modules. The 40 built-in Master Playback faders may be used as with any other Congo system for control of channels, groups, presets, sequences, effects, palettes, channel layouts, console key functions and parameter controls. Congo Kid supports 999 master pages, as do all Congo family consoles, and provides paging tools and channels-only mode via softkeys. Jam mode is not available at this time.
  • Congo Kid supports either 2 x DVI monitors, or 1 x DVI monitor + 1 x sVGA monitor. The Y-cable required for Congo jr consoles is not required for the Congo Kid – this means we are using the onboard video connections and it is not possible to use two sVGA monitors with Congo Kid.

ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console

Other than the above listed differences, there are no limitations to Congo operation in Congo Kid. Show files from other Congo consoles are fully compatible with Congo Kid, keeping the channel and output counts in mind. The RFR, cRRFU and iRFR software for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad are all compatible with Congo Kid as well.

In the upcoming v6.1 software release for the Congo family, the Congo Kid console will support all network functions of Congo/Congo jr, including connection to the Net3 Remote Video Interface (RVI), PC and console client operation, and synchronized backup for playback functions with any other Congo console or Light Server. Backup functionality is limited to the channel and output count of the Congo Kid console.

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