Blue Planet Audio's First Installation Praised by First Baptist Church in Branson, Missouri

First Baptist Church - Branson, MO April 28, 2009 - Branson, Missouri

Blue Planet Audio, a newly delveloped division of Blue Planet, recently completed their first installation at the First Baptist Church in Branson, Missouri. 

FBC was the first client to book a complete audio specification, sales and installation package with Blue Planet. A wide variety of local audio bids were obtained for the project by John King, Minister of Outreach and Students at FBC and after careful consideration, Blue Planet Audio was tapped for the task of implementing an audio system into the church's new building add-on which houses a youth area, stage and coffee shop. 

After installation and training were completed, Mr. King had the following to say about Ed Sandor, President and Co-Owner of the newly formed division of Blue Planet:

"I was told Ed Sandor of Sandor Sound would do a great job with our audio install.
So as we were doing research to determine who would do the job well, he
was on the very short list.  As we drew closer to determining who
would do the job, I began to hear rumors that Blue Planet Lighting was going to
launch an audio division.  I felt a little trapped because we had a
great relationship with Blue Planet and I felt strongly about Ed

As news continued to trickle about the Blue Planet Audio
division, I heard that it was Ed that was going to be leading the Audio
team.  It became a very easy decision.  Here was the lighting company that I had
come to trust merging with one of the most respected professionals in
the audio industry here in Branson. 

Of course that is who we went with.
      Ed has been prompt, passionate and professional throughout my
experience with him.  Ed is responsive to my calls, my expectations,
and the areas that he thinks I may have an issue.  He loves his work
and it's obvious.  You can tell that each new task is a new
opportunity for him to get to do what he loves.  Its encouraging to
see him work. 

When the job was done Ed was back out training and
making sure everything went well.  One day I messed some stuff up and
he was here with in a few minutes to line things out.  I can't say
enought about Ed. 

I totally recommend everything he does."

John King
Minister of Outreach and Students
Branson First Baptist Church

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