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Barco Discontinues DP-2000 Processor

April 15, 2011 - Branson, Missouri

High End Systems - Barco      DP-2000 Processor

Technology is always improving and sometimes these improvements lead to certain products being replaced by better models. This is evident everyday with cell phones, computers, and other technology. The Wholehog DP2000 was developed and released over ten years ago and has been successfully used on big and small productions around the world.

However, the DP2000 is also very limited when working with large numbers of LEDs and other DMX fixtures. In 2008, High End Systems released the DP8000 and replaced the aging DP2000 with a massive increase in processing power and functionality.

As we continue to add features and enhancements to the Wholehog software, systems using the DP2000 are experiencing further slowdowns and increased problems with the older units. In addition, the newest software release contains extensive changes to the networking infrastructure to provide network failover and backup functionality.

For these reasons, the DP2000 will no longer be functional within Wholehog software versions 3.2.0 and greater. The DP2000s will continue to operate with the stable version 3.1.9 software, but users with DP2000s will not be able to upgrade beyond version 3.1.9. Version 3.2 software is expected to release at the end of April 2011.

High End Systems understands the concerns of its customers regarding the use of the DP2000 and have created a Frequently Asked Questions page located here: .

With many features planned for upcoming releases such as improved connectivity with media servers, video thumbnails, and more, it is increasingly important for customers to upgrade to the power of the DP8000.

Supercharge your lighting control today by upgrading to a DP8000. Contact Blue Planet Lighting for further trade in details and procedures.

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