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New LeMaitre MVS Smart Haze Machine

New LeMaitre MVS Smart Haze Machine

October 21, 2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada

The new MVS SMART is Le Maitre's powerful and versatile hazer featuring Internet of Things technology.


New LeMaitre MVS Smart Haze Machine

Retaining all the core features of the MVS hazer, the MVS SMART includes smart control and monitoring features, allowing the user to set up and control the hazer via their mobile phone or tablet.

Geared towards small to large sized venues, the MVS SMART has two variable speed high-power fans which can be used to control the projection and direction of the haze stream (0-90 degrees).

The MVS SMART also incorporates a unique oscillating mode with automated back and forth sweeping of the projected haze.

Le Maitre hazers feature the patented S.T.A.R. technology to produce pure and consistent atmospheric haze. With precise control over thermal conditions and fluid dispensing, Le Maitre hazers combined with the specially formulated PureHaze fluid, they produce a dry, lowe residue output with a long hang time.


For more information or pricing on the new MVS Smart Hazer from LeMaitre, you can contact Blue Planet in Las Vegas at 702-222-2103. For general inquiries or quote requests, you can also send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.