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New From ETC - The Source 4WRD Watt Reduction Device

February 2, 2016 - Middleton, Wisconsin

The ETC Source 4WRD LED is the industry’s first, bona fide, white-light LED retrofit for Source Four ellipsoidals.

In seconds, you can advance any conventional, full-size, Source Four fixture into the LED age, cut its power usage by 70%, and never have to re-lamp again. Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility as a Source Four fixture.

  ETC Releases LED Retrofit For Source Four Ellipsoidal

As bright as a 575-watt, extended life HPL lamp. 70% less power, no re-lamping, no-hassle swap out. This incredible advancement to the Source Four fixture is available either as a retrofit or as a complete light engine. 120v model is available now; 230v model will be available in the near future.


For more information on this article, or for a quote on the new ETC Source 4WRD Watt Reduction Device, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting in Hollister at 417-332-1313. For general inquiries or quote requests, please send an email to:

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