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New From GLP: The Impression Laser

New From GLP: The Impression Laser

August 26, 2015 - Sun Valley, California

German Light Products is proud to announce the release of the new impression Laser. GLP impression Laser is a pure diode RGB moving head laser projector. It inspires all those who want to be one step ahead. Small, handy, light - thus the moving head laser show system can quickly be mounted on each stage.

The Impression Laser

It blends inconspicuously, but quite certainly striking, in the concept of the show.

Each laser show, whether beam show or laser graphics, is positioned precisely by the Moving Head on any projection screen.

The Moving Head is controlled conveniently via DMX, the laser output via ILDA. Amazing and creative laser shows allows the professional and world famous laser show software LPS-RealTIME Pro.

The GLP impression Laser is available with 3W and 6W RGB.

List price is $10,295.00

Accepting pre-orders now.

Click HERE to order online!

Length x Width X Height (head vertical):
145mm x 340mm x 370mm
- 5.7in x 13.4in x 14.6in

Net Weight:
- 10 kg
- 22 lbs

Laser diodes

  • 680 mW red @ 638 nm
  • 1000 mW green @ 520 nm
  • 1600 mW blue @ 445 nm


Control mode

  • ILDA
  • TEC cooling with optimized airflow



  • X/Y Laser graphics scanner: 60 kpps @ 60°, Scanner Safety


Software (optionally)

  • LPS-RealTIME Pro Laser show software



  • high precision stepping motor control 8 or 16 Bit resolution selectable
  • speed: 660° Pan in 2sec, 300° Tilt in 1sec
  • Position Feedback


Click HERE to view the full spec sheet.

For more information on the GLP impression Laser, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting in Hollister at 417-332-1313. For general inquiries or quote requests, please send an email to:

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.