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New From Chauvet: Synapse 4

July 27, 2015 - Hollywood, Florida

The new Chauvet Synapse 4™ functions as an intelligent relay pack to control the power sent to individual lighting units.

Chauvet Synapse 4

Chauvet Synapse 4

Rack, truss or wall mountable, the Synapse 4™ takes one powerCON® input and branches it into four outputs, each of which can be powered off individually via DMX or an internal timer/scheduler.

An indispensable tool for fixed installations, the Synapse 4™ provides the ability to de-power entire sections of an installation thereby prolonging fixture lifespan, and decreasing overall power consumption, saving energy and money.

As an added convenience, the Synapse 4™ includes a 4-port DMX opto-iso, allowing users to easily branch their DMX universe in multiple directions and amplify the signal after a long run.



For more information on the new Chauvet Synapse 4, you can contact Blue Planet Lighting in Hollister at 417-332-1313. For general inquiries or quote requests, please send an email to:

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