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New From Strand: Emergency DMX Bypass Switch

May 18, 2015 - Dallas, Texas

Simplify your Life Safety System with the Emergency DMX Bypass Switch

As an industry leader and pioneer in dimming controls, Philips Strand Lighting is proud to introduce the Emergency DMX Bypass Switch. Controlling four individual universes of DMX, you can now simplify your Life Safety System providing Emergency and Panic lighting control solutions for DMX driven house lights and all DMX controlled lighting needed for emergency and egress lighting.

New From Strand: Emergency DMX Bypass Switch

“For over 100 years, Philips Strand Lighting has been leading the way in dimming controls for entertainment venues around the world,” said Julie Smith, General Manager of the Americas. “Today, with so many facilities implementing entertainment lighting into their daily lives, the need for simple, powerful Life Safety Systems is imperative so that both the house and entertainment lighting can work in unison in an emergency situation.”

As a PLASA Innovation Award-winner, each Emergency DMX Bypass acts as a DMX splitter handling 1-in 4-out, or 2-in 2-out routing scenarios. In either state, Panic or Emergency, the DMX Bypass Switch can be set to trigger “snap shot” loads or can be set to drive all loads on each DMX path to 100%. Each state can be triggered via normally-open, normally-closed dry contacts, or from a 12V DC signal. Once the state is returned to Normal, the DMX Bypass will return loads to the DMX controller in either a 1-minute timed, 10-minute timed, or INTELLIGENT timing sequence which returns to Normal once the valid DMX inputs are sensed.

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