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Blue Planet News - MAY 2014

Chauvet Lighting

New: Chauvet Rogue Series Fixtures

April 18, 2014 - Sunrise, Florida

A new class of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional, the ROGUE Army brings innovation, impressive output, and value to the front line of your design environment. Meet the ROGUE Army, liberating your imagination from the tyranny of tight budgets.

Chauvet Rogue™ R1 Beam


Rogue™ R1 Beam is the perfect beam fixture for productions of all scope, featuring a bright Osram Sirius 132 W HRI lamp that allows the R1 Beam to punch through fog, haze, and atmosphere anywhere.

Rogue™ R1 Beam is an exceptional value proposition, featuring a unique fixed color wheel with 14 slots plus white that allows not only for split colors, but also for continuous and variable speed scrolling of the entire color wheel.

Rogue™ R1 Beam's game changer is the set of 2 prisms, one 5-facet and one 8-facet, that can be layered, independently rotating and controllable, to give your design never seen before aerial and gobo effects.


Chauvet Rogue™ R1 Spot


The Rogue™ series brings unmatched value in feature-packed fixtures to the professional lighting market.

Rogue™ R1 Spot brings innovation with its value, offering a rotating 3-facet prism to create stunning visual and aerial effects, plus a motorized iris and motorized focus for easy beam shaping.

Rogue™ R1 Spot features two gobo wheels, one fully rotating/indexing with interchangeable gobos to fit your custom needs, and one wheel with fixed gobos that is fully and variably scrollable.


Chauvet Rogue™ R2 Beam


Rogue™ R2 Beam is the light cannon of the Rogue™ series, boasting an intense 133,200 lux at 15 m with its Osram Sirius 230 W HRI lamp. Rogue™

R2 Beam is a powerful fixture delivering the punch, with 14 fixed colors plus white to choose from in its fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel, which also provides split colors perfectly.

Rogue™ R2 Beam's 8-facet rotating prism provides you with an endless supply of creative and dynamic beam looks to elevate the design of your production. Rogue™ R2 Beam is tough, and features an industry-standard Neutrik® powerCON® power input connection, and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections for ease at load-in.

Chauvet Rogue™ R2 Spot


Rogue™ R2 Spot is a class leader in LED automated spots, combining incredible value with professional quality engineering. Rogue™ R2 Spot features a powerful 240 W LED light engine to drive a bright, crisp spot that is designed to impress.

Rogue™ R2 Spot features seamless fading between the two gobo wheels for excellence in your designs. Not to be outdone, Rogue™ R2 Spot features two continuously and variably scrolling color wheels, allowing you also to have a large series of split colors at your fingertips.

Rogue™ R2 Spot’s 16.5-degree beam angle comes with motorized iris, frost, and a 3-facet prism for creative beam shaping. Rogue™ R2 Spot also features industry-standard Neutrik® powerCON® power input/output connections for power linking, and 3-pin and 5-pin DMX data connections for ease of use at load in.


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