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Blue Planet News - NOVEMBER 2013

Pathway Releases Pathport Manager 5.2

Pathway Releases Pathport Manager 5.2

October 15, 2013 - Calgary, Alberta

As DMX-over-Ethernet signal distribution – the crucial 'middleware' of modern lighting systems – becomes increasingly taxed by LED and moving light installations, Pathway Connectivity steps to the fore again. The release of Pathport Manager 5.2, including new Pathport firmware, provides indispensable configuration and monitoring tools for advanced management of new and legacy Pathport networks, VIA Gigabit switches, and the increasing number of RDM-enabled fixtures and accessories now available.

Pathway Releases Pathport Manager 5.2

Improvements to showfile management include a 'Replace Node' function which also updates all previously recorded showfiles; and a 'Load and Compare Showfile' option for quickly catching any system changes. Also new are Virtual Nodes, for the off-line creation and configuration of shows.

Included with the 5.2 release is the latest Pathport firmware, version, for all current Pathport models. Once nodes are upgraded, Pathport Manager 5.2 supports 256 universes of Art-Net; the 64000 universe sACN patch space; a Notes field for the node and each port; input signal-loss hold times; and an 'Import Firmware' option to make future firmware upgrades even more painless.

Because popular lighting protocols now support different universe ranges, Pathport Manager checks for invalid patches while still allowing users to mix multiple protocols – data should just be data. Our popular – and unrivalled – IP Auto-Corrector has been streamlined, so only relevant problems are reported and the best solution presented. And on the RDM front, many enhancements and compatibility issues have been resolved, with support added for RDM sub-devices (think dimmers).

Pathport Manager 5.2 continues Pathway Connectivity's commitment to stable products with comprehensive features, offering straightforward solutions to managing the growing complexity of performance and themed lighting. Pathport Manager 5.2 is available for free download from www.pathwayconnect.com.

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