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Blue Planet News - JULY 2013

ETC Introduces PC Congo

ETC Introduces PC Congo

June 4, 2013 - Middleton, Wisconsin

ETC’s first PC-based lighting control system, PC Congo, is designed for use as a backup or client to other Congo® desks as well as a portable playback system for situations where you can’t take your console with you. With the graphic displays of a Congo board, PC Congo is a familiar operating environment. PC Congo handles conventional and moving lights, media servers, and LEDs with preset operation. Full featured, it also offers track editing and network capabilities.

ETC Introduces PC Congo

PC Congo can be used stand alone to program and playback shows and with ETC accessories like the Master Playback Wing or Universal Fader Wings and the Radio Focus Remote. It works with ETC’s iRFR and aRFR apps and third-party USB devices (like X-Keys), as well as MIDI button/fader panels or OSC-compatible devices. The system is highly flexible and configurable, and supports from two to four universes of DMX output via networked sACN or ArtNet.

Software Features:


  • Graphical displays with built-in context menus and drag-and-drop show editing
  • Console Mimic dock provides access to Congo console buttons and faders on screen
  • Channel Layouts for topographical live displays
  • Color Picker/Gel Picker
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup
  • Electronic manual Up to 3072 devices/channels and 2048 outputs/parameters
  • Up to 3072 devices/channels and 2048 outputs/parameters
  • Ethernet lighting protocols (Net3™/ACN, sACN, , ArtNet)
  • Show import via ASCII
  • USB dongle required for full-speed output
  • Compatible with
    • Ethernet lighting protocol converters like ETC Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways, Net3 IO Gateways, Net3 Show Control Gateways
    • Remote controls over Ethernet (Net3 RFR), WiFi (iRFR/aRFR apps for iOS and Android), MIDI and OSC
    • ETC Fader Wings (Congo jr Master Playback Wing, Universal Fader Wings)


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