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High End Systems


New Product: High End Systems SolaWash

April 5, 2013 - Austin, Texas


High End Systems has recently released the new SolaWash LED Fixtures. The SolaWash 19 and SolaWash 37 are high brightness moving wash lights which will complement High End System’s existing LED fixtures, the SolaSpot LED and Trackspot Bolt.

High End Systems SolaWash

Powered by 15 watt RGBW LED’s as well as the addition of the deep hues provided by the company's ingenious Indigo Highlighter, these fast, compact and versatile fixtures are perfect for applications from rock and roll to theatre and corporate events. Features such as built-in dynamic patterns and lenses, a 12 to 65 degree zoom, variable CTO and multiple fixture modes make SolaWash the right wash lights for any show.

High End Systems SolaWash

“The launch of SolaWash continues our emphasis on LED technology,” says Chris Ferrante, Director of Product Management, “as well as the continued additions to our automated line. However, this is only the beginning of what we have in store this year, with some extremely interesting projects in the pipeline!” “We are committed to delivering new, feature rich and most importantly competitive products, and SolaWash provides just that mix,” adds CEO Bill Morris.

For a quick and competitive quote on the High End Systems SolaWash, contact Blue Planet Lighting with your information and gear request to info@blueplanetlighting.com.


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