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Pyro Product Spotlight: New Ultratec SPFX Starbursts Released

March 21, 2011 - London, Ontario

Ultratec SPFX

Ultratec has announced the introduction of their New Starbursts.  This is the begining of a series of New Starburst products that have been recently developed.

The following colors are now available for purchase:

New Ultratec SPFX Starbursts Released

All available in 3 Diameter Sizes:

Small 4 - 7ft 
Medium 8 - 12ft 
Large 14 - 18ft

This range in size, color and effect is sure to fit your design criteria. 

Below is video showing the new Starbursts in action.  Ultratec SPFX will continue to add more colors and effects to the Starburst Category.

We understand that what is shown in video is not always a good depiction of the product performance. If you would like to receive a sample of any of these new products or any existing products, please contact Blue Planet Lighting.

Keep your eye out for other newly developed products to be introduced in the coming weeks.  The Ultratec R&D department has been very busy working on new products and Blue Planet will make announcements as they are released.

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