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Evangel Cathedral Adds Morpheus MFader3 Scrollers

November 20, 2010 - Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Evangel Cathedral

Morpheus Lights   Morpheus MFader
Evangel Cathedral of Upper Marlboro Maryland added dozens of new Morpheus MFader3 Scrollers to their inventory.

MFader3™ has a 7.5” round aperture to fit PAR64-type fixtures (Source Four® PAR or Conventional), Compact Ellipsoidal fixtures with wider-angle lenses and medium Fresnels.  It’s single, variable-speed fan is DMX addressable and can be remotely controlled from any console.

Continuous Color Control means an unlimited selection of colors that you can dial up from your DMX-512 console and fine-tune with precision. Simple gel scrollers lock you into the limited choices on the color scroll. To cross-fade you need two fixtures, or you can be forced to go dark on a fixture to get past undesired colors. With ColorFader3™ you’re never concerned with gel string position - the three independently controlled gel strings let you make smooth, full-color transitions directly from any color to any color, anytime. Two-scroll “color mixing” scrollers cannot do this without passing through unwanted colors.

ColorFader3™ is the fastest color mixing scroller for conventional luminaires. Each of the three independently controlled scrolls is six aperture widths long - so they need to move a substantially shorter distance to go from clear to full saturated color than other systems do. Shorter gel-strings can move faster… much faster or, if noise level is a concern, they can move quieter… much quieter… because there’s 40% less gel to move.

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