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Blue Planet Adds Intelligent Raceways Into Arizona Multi-Use Theatre

September 10, 2010 - Mesa, Arizona

Entertainment Technology Intelligent Raceway
Blue Planet recently specified and sold a complete Entertainment Technology Intelligent Raceway System into a new multi-use space in Mesa, Arizona.

The newly remodeled venue located in Mesa's East Valley High will serve the needs of the school as well as doubling as a performance area for Branson's own "The Duttons" several times per year.  The package included five 40' raceways loaded with dimmers that will be installed during the month of October.

Completely silent, the Intelligent Raceway is installed adjacent to the lights it controls, eliminating the need for a separate air-conditioned - and soundproof - equipment room to house noisy, heat-producing dimmer racks.

Without the dimmer room, you'll avoid the extensive load wiring and high installation costs that dimmer racks require. Intelligent Raceway replaces dimmer racks and connector strips. One power and control network can serve both fixed and automated lighting loads, eliminating duplication and further cutting installation costs.

ET Intelligent Raceway Brochure

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