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Blue Planet Lighting Voted 2010 Parnelli Award Regional Finalist

July 19, 2010 - Hollister, Missouri

Blue Planet Lighting has been nominated for PLSN Magazine's 2010 Hometown Hero Lighting Company of the Year. 

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.

2010 Parnelli Awards

Regional voting has begun and the voting will narrow the list of top regional lighting companies in the U.S. and Canada from five in each region - 30 in all - to just one from each region, for a total of six regional finalists.

These six companies will then appear on the ballot for the Parnelli Awards for a shot at the national bragging rights as Hometown Hero Lighting Company of the Year.

This award will be presented with the other Parnelli Awards in Las Vegas on Oct. 22.

Blue Planet Lighting is a regional finalist and needs your vote!

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Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.


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