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New Product Spotlight : The Follow Me from Strong

June 23, 2010 - Omaha, Nebraska

Strong Introduces the Follow Me

"The First True RealTime Remote Motion Control for Moving Lights"

The Follow-Me allows you to do what you could never do before; put your spot operator anywhere in the house and have him remotely control up to six intelligent fixtures that are hung anywhere.  Real time positioning software and precision machining of the highest quality makes the Follow Me the most versatile new tool in production lighting.

The built in DMX merger allows the operator to run the Follow Me as a stand alone device or in conjunction with a lighting desk patching the parameters of the intelligent fixture to be run by the Follow Me operator and lighting desk.  Eight parameters are accessable via onboard faders plus X/Y movement by physically panning and tilting.  The Follow Me divides each degree of action into 100 segments offering smooth and precise movement.

"Working with Luciano we have achieved very smooth, human movement from a remote control device," states Jerry Colmenero, Market Development Manager for Strong, "the Follow Me is one of many coming innovations Strong will be introducing in the coming months."

The Follow Me is in production for immediate delivery.

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