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Blue Planet Lights Up Yakov's Moscow Circus

June 10, 2010 - Branson, Missouri

Yakov's Moscow Circus

Blue Planet Lighting was recently contacted by Yakov Smirnoff to update the theatre lighting and program his newest show, "Yakov's Moscow Circus".

Blue Planet Lighting, Inc.

A complete service overhaul of his lighting rig was performed, repairing all moving light issues, cabling errors as well as lamp and gel replacement.

Additionally, Blue Planet's Kelly Koster met with the Moscow Circus Production Team and layed out a new design for the lighting of the show. Once the lighting gear was functioning at 100%, the show was re-programmed and ultimately the in-house operator was trained to run the show.


This show, packed with superb artistry, mad-cap antics, zany romance, and outright fun, is a magnificent story of the power of love, set inside the amazing Moscow Circus.

During this Extraordinary Adventure you’ll have fun with Andrei the Clown, Irina Markova and her award-winning canine troupes and their feline friends, Pavlina Gyumisheva the Human Slinky, National Flying Adagio star Marina the Ballerina, the National Unicycling Champion Anthony Soumiatin, Alena Oulianova the Fire Slinger, Russian Dancers, Boris the Wonder Dog, and more! Romance is in the air and zany adventure ensues as Andrei the Clown searches for his lovely Marina the Ballerina.

And that’s not all! You become a part of the show and enjoy a mouthwatering Russian dinner consisting of some of Yakov’s mom’s favorite recipes – Pierogi, Kukuruski Soup, Babka and more (the kids enjoy Yak in the Box)!

It’s time you experience Yakov’s Moscow Circus in Branson, click here for schedule and here for tickets.

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