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Product Spotlight - Rosco Flamex: New Millennium Formulations

March 12, 2010 - Hollister, Missouri

Rosco Labs

Over the last 20 years, the range of scenic, props and costume materials used in entertainment and architectural design has grown dramatically. More than just canvas, muslin, velours and polyester fabrics, scenic artisans now use exotic blends of fibers, complex weaves and purely synthetic fabrics as well as woods, composites, pulped sheets, plastics, papers, cardboards and almost any other material they can find. And each one of these materials, when used on stage or in public assembly, must meet local requirements for flame retardance.

New Roscoflamex

Completely reformulated to address this wide range of modern materials and to satisfy the broad spectrum of Fire Marshall regulations, Rosco is pleased to introduce six new Flamex products. Similar to the original Roscoflamex range, each of the six new flame retardants is keyed to a specific family of materials and designed for ease of use and to maximize the effective protective treatment.

Here are the new formulations and links to additional information:

Roscoflamex NF - Natural Fiber Flame Retardant

Roscoflamex SF - Synthetic Fiber Flame Retardant

Roscoflamex DF - Delicate Fabric Flame Retardant

Roscoflamex PC - Paper & Cardboard Flame Retardant

Roscoflamex WD - Raw Wood Penetrating Flame Retardant

Roscoflamex PA - Paint Additive Flame Retardant

These six new Flamex formulations are the result of a partnership with Turning Star Inc, one of the most innovative flame proofing providers Rosco knows. Together, Rosco and Turning Star have developed the new Flamex products to offer a flame retardant solution for almost every material commonly used in scenery, costuming and props construction and that will meet and exceed the Fire Marshall's requirements even in strict municipalities like New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

These advanced new flame retardant materials have been tested and certified according to the appropriate standards by NFPA, ANSI and ASTM and have certificates of approval from the California Fire Marshall and NYC Fire Department.

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