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Presley's Theatre Opens 2010 Season With New Lycian Spotlights

March 12, 2010 - Hollister, Missouri

Presleys' Country Jubilee Theatre

The Presleys' Country Jubilee Theatre in Branson, Missouri has upgraded their aging followspots to new Lycian M2 Modular Followspots.
Lycian Stage Lighting

Blue Planet Lighting of Hollister, Missouri provided sales support and demo gear to help enable the client to make a comfortable decision on their recent upgrade.

The Lycian M2 2500 watt Spotlight has a precision high temperature condenser lens, a 100% closing manual dimmer and iris,  a primary boomerang system containing 6 color gels, a secondary boomerang containing 4 glass dichroic glass filters, a slot for a B-Size gobo holder and also has a variable frost filter.

The M2 Modular Followspot from Lycian is available with a short, medium or long throw lens enabling this spotlight to throw up to 300'.

The modular system is based on the ability to change the followspot to have either a short, medium or long throw lens; to change between a 1200W or 2500W HMI light source with either an electronic or magnetic ballast. This concept gives maximum flexibility to designers, rental houses and customers for their application and budget.

This innovative system is comprised of modules that can be easily assembled into various configurations allowing a design to fit specific applications or to reconfigure as the requirements

For ease of use, the followspot can conveniently be set up to be operated from either side.

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